Rosie and Rob, a truly remarkable couple, celebrated their union at the enchanting Somerford Hall, located in the serene village of Brewood, Staffordshire. As a Wolverhampton wedding photographer, I know this venue, known for its stately charm and scenic surroundings, provided the perfect backdrop for their wedding day.

The Engagement Session

A few months prior to their wedding, I had the pleasure of meeting Rosie and Rob for their engagement session at the same venue. This not only gave us all a chance to get to know each other better but also allowed the couple to become comfortable in front of the camera. Somerford Hall, with its elegant architecture and lush gardens, served as a stunning canvas for these pre-wedding photographs, showcasing my approach to affordable wedding photography while capturing their love and excitement for the upcoming celebration.

Pre-Wedding Preparations

On the day of the wedding, I, their dedicated wedding photographer, arrived at Somerford Hall a few hours before the ceremony to meet with Rosie and the rest of the bridal party. The excitement was palpable as they made their final preparations. I used this time to scout the venue, searching each uniquely decorated room and exploring the expansive grounds. My aim was to find the perfect spots that highlighted the venue’s grandeur and the couple’s personalities in the photos.

The Venue: A Photographer’s Dream

Somerford Hall did not disappoint. The property is nestled within acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, offering a variety of picturesque settings. Each room in the hall is imbued with its own distinct character, from grand ballrooms with ornate ceilings to cozy, sunlit corners perfect for intimate shots. The diversity of landscapes and architectural elements provided endless creative opportunities to capture the day’s moments, solidifying its reputation among Wolverhampton wedding photographers.

Capturing the Moments

As guests began to arrive, the atmosphere filled with joy and anticipation. The ceremony itself was a beautiful affair, set against the backdrop of Somerford Hall’s impressive façade. Post-ceremony, while the guests enjoyed cocktails on the terrace, I took the newlyweds for a private photo session around the grounds. These moments allowed them to bask in their new beginning, resulting in some of the most heartfelt snapshots of the day, all part of the affordable wedding photography packages I offer.