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Mike and Monika’s wedding wasn't just a bash; it was an epic party that'll probably be talked about for years. Held in spots around Staffordshire and Wolverhampton, this day was less pomp and more laughter.

Getting ready first thing on Saturday morning was busy. There were plenty of bridesmaids and even more kids all getting their hair and make-up done. The amount of people added to a sense of fun and excitement. Everyone was excited, especially the kids! One of the most important parts of the day is getting ready, because there is so much going on, you are bound to miss something. Check out this little lady trying on her mums shoes! Adorable.

We headed to Lichfield Registry Office for the ceremony, which was about a half an hour drive away. Forget your standard stuffy affair; this place oozes class without trying too hard. It was the perfect pitch for Mike and Monika to seal the deal; a heartfelt exchange of "I do's" that had everyone reaching for the tissues (or hiding a sniffle).

Post-vows, the squad ambled a short walk over to Beacon Park. If Mother Nature ever needed a backdrop for her best work, it’s here. The park, with its lush lawns and picture-postcard views, was buzzing with the newlyweds and their crew snapping pics that scream 'frame me!'. It’s a public park, so there is always going to be that one person who just doesn’t pay any attention and walks into the shot. This happens more often than you think! I take my time to make sure we get the shot we’re after, but sometimes I may need to do some object removal when I’m editing, but you’ll never know!

Then, onto The Pavilion in Wolverhampton. The place was decked out, a blend of posh nosh and sparkly lights setting the scene for an evening of fab food and stories that might get more exaggerated with each telling. The sit-down dinner? A culinary hat-tip to the couple's cracking taste. Followed by the speeches, which were pretty emotional and brilliantly delivered!

As the sun dipped, The Pavilion turned into a party. The evening kicked off with a "photo dash"—imagine a scavenger hunt but with cameras and a lot of cheeky grinning. And the first dance? Think less waltz, more wow-factor. Mike and Monika floated across the dance floor with a routine so slick it could be its own TV special. The tear-jerker moment? Their little girl, overwhelmed by the spectacle, darting in to join them. Pure gold.

Behind the Lens: Gold Collection Photography

Armed with my camera, I was the lucky one snagging these golden moments, courtesy of my Gold Collection package. From the tender looks exchanged at the altar to the wild moves on the dance floor, it’s days like these that remind me why my camera feels like an extension of my eyes. Mike and Monika’s wedding was more than a celebration of love—it was a festival of life, laughter, and everything in between. As a photographer based in Wolverhampton, capturing the spirit of such a day isn’t just my job; it’s a joy. And the memories we locked down? They're not just for the album. They’re for a lifetime of reruns.

Mike and Monika received full day coverage, and as they opted for the Gold Collection, they will also receive a beautiful storybook album, the perfect home for their wedding photos. These are a real showstopper with its layflat pages and quality, they really are beautiful and a perfect heirloom for Mike and Monika to pass on for generations to come.



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