He's finally asked you to tie the knot, now the dream you have had for years is about to come to true. Planning your wedding day!

You have imagined this day since you were a little girl, a beautiful dress to wear, gorgeous flowers and bouquets to carry, being surrounded by all of your family and friends as they share in your special day... and of course, all this in one stunning location.

Planning a wedding is a pretty big deal, there's a lot to think about, but this article focusses on what you need to ask the people at your favourite wedding venue before you even book! This is going to help you make the right decision to help your dream come true.

So what should you ask?

Do you have the date available?

Pretty basic, but write it down! It's easy to forget the basics when you're giddy with love and excitement!

How many are going to your wedding?

Can the venue hold this many? If you're having the ceremony at the venue as well as the wedding breakfast and the reception, can the venue cater for all three elements of the day? Also, is there enough parking spaces?

How much is it going to cost you and what does the fee include/exclude?

If you know exactly what you need, it should be pretty easy for the venue to give you a cost per head. That should make it easier for you to manage your budget. Don't forget to ask if there is a resident DJ, you may get a discount!

Depending on their answer, you may want to ask if you can use ANY vendor or do they only allow preferred vendors?

Does the fee cover the entire day, or is extra for additional hours?
Are there any restrictions on use of the space?
Are there any restrictions on photography or videography?

This one is massive for photographers. Personally I always check with registrar what the etiquette is photography. It's important that the photographer and the registrar have a good working relationship. Often, the rules can be bent if the two get on well!

Do I need permits, licences or insurance for the booking?

This might sound strange but some venues do require that you obtain certain permits, these can be varied so just ask the question.

Is there a bridal suite?

You don't really want to stay in the economy class room on your wedding night if you can help it! Add to the whole experience and make sure they have a posh suite!

Request from the organiser a sample, it might be a tasting menu, a viewing of the facility that has been set up, images... anything to make you feel at ease and that you are making the right decision.

Is there a deposit?
When's the outstanding balance due?
How can you pay?
What is the cancellation policy?

Hopefully these questions will help you make the right choice. If you think I have missed any, leave a comment below and I'll happily add it in!

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