A beautiful wedding in the gorgeous Worfield, Shropshire

August 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I was recently asked to take photos at a wedding in the lovely picturesque Worfield, Shropshire. It was what I call a 'last minute' shoot. The wedding wasn't a last minute one. In fact it technically wasn't a wedding, it was a ceremony of vows as the couple had already got married abroad but wanted their friends and family who missed the wedding to share in their joy. And why not too! The day was a laid back affair with plenty of friends and family to celebrate this lovely couples special day.

I was asked to meet the couple and the 100 strong crowd at the village hall in Worfield for 2pm. That was it. No plans for actual photos, no schedule, I had no idea what I was in for. I was quite worried!

When everyone arrived we took a ¼mile walk down a country lane to a gorgeous field (if fields could be gorgeous this one was!) where the hills were rolling into the distance, the sun was breaking through some slight cloud cover (perfect for portrait photography). When everyone was ready and the bride was in the distance ready to walk down the aisle (you know what I mean) silence fell and everyone looked on as the bride walked with her parents to where the ceremony was to take place. There were no flowers, alter or fanciness at all, just the groom and the official overseeing the vows.

It was perfect.

I had no reason to be worried. This was probably one of the most chilled out weddings I have been too. No stressing out over people being late, no stressing over the food, flowers or any other kind of hiccups! It felt really relaxed. The photography was relaxed. Exactly how it should be!

Once the ceremony and 'posed' photos had finished, we headed back to the village hall where canapes and wine were being served. At this point it was pretty clear that everyone here hadn't seen each other of a long time, the wine and beer was flowing, hugs and chatting in the summer sun outside was the order of the day. It was a really happy and relaxed afternoon.

The day for me came to an end quite early, there were no speeches, first dance or cutting of the cake which was a shame as I was having such a fantastic time myself. 

Congratulations to the lovely couple and thanks for having me shoot your special day!

This was my first time at Worfield in Shropshire and I must say that it was a beautiful location for a wedding. Have you ever been to a wedding in Worfield? If so, what was it like? Was it in the summer, winter, spring or autumn? It seems like such a perfect place to suit all seasons! 



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