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July 29, 2015  •  2 Comments

I have really enjoyed spending the last 18 months or so taking some amazing pictures of families special occasions. 

I have also been breaking my heart thinking about how my youngest child is leaving nursery this week and how quickly she is growing up. She really has just popped up out of no-where and it's frightening!

I have also felt really honoured too as the nursery she attends commissioned me to take the photos for the year end graduation.


Kaitlyn has been at nursery since she was 6 months old. She turns 4 shortly. She has known the staff at the nursery ALL of her life and I know she is going to miss them all loads. I will miss taking her too, they really have been the loveliest team of girls I've known. 

School photography isn't something I thought I'd enjoy to be honest, but how I was proved wrong! From the moment the first child came in and took their seat to the last picture I took I really enjoyed myself, seeing these kiddies sitting there with the big cheeky smiles and cute little cap and gowns, honestly made me smile for the rest of evening. They had me in stitches. I asked them "What colour is your school uniform going to be when you go to big boys/girls school?" to which many replied with blue, green or red But one little sausage said "How am I supposed to know? I dunno" He sounded old before his time but the way he shrugged his shoulders was brilliant!

I blogged last year about the value to school photography and talked about how I thought school photography wasn't something I thought to be of great value. My mind isn't still made up if I'm truthful. The packages that I have provided are extremely competitively priced, as value is something I really want my customers to feel. But the whole process feels rushed, robotic almost. You loose the 'feeling', the atmosphere of a good shoot with school photography. Taking pictures of 'twinkly moments' is so much nicer and memorable. But then again like my mum says, "School photography is of a certain style that everyone knows and appreciates". I can't make my mind up - what do you think?

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Thanks Vicky :)

I really just think that 'school photography' is a trap. I know I have been commissioned myself and I have produced similar packages to what's on the market, but as a parent I felt trapped and cornered by school photography before I became an aspiring professional.

My kids come home with the packs of photos and they look at me and say, "Are we buying them for nanny?" and I feel bad because I never do!

If you think, school photography is free but the four 6x4, one 10x8, key ring and novelty mug costs upwards of £30 for a photo that you had no say over vs my own Home Studio's package where you get 1 hour photo shoot session at a location of your choice, personal gallery with shopping cart (you can now buy from your mobile phone!) and a FREE 10x8inch print for £69, I know which I'd go for.
I sigh every year with the usual drab photos! And the prices are totally extortionate! Live your images and you should deffo lead a takeover on behalf of parents with lettings everywhere!
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