Boys Day Out

January 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
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Today has been one of those 'out of the blue' unplanned days where you have loads of fun and you have a good giggle with your best mate.

My best mate is my son, Joshua.

He had for Christmas his first camera. Its a v-Tech Kidizoom Plus and he loves it. I said to him this morning, fancy going out for a walk over the fields and he jumped at the chance. I said i was going to take my camera and as soon as I said that zoom… he'd grabbed his, checked his batteries and formatted his memory card! My little protege!

We headed out, thinking we'd be gone for about half an hour, two and half hours later we returned gasping for a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich, which was waiting for us on the kitchen table when walked in! How did my wife know? She called ten minutes before we got back and I said we wouldn't be long, but in the background my Josh shouted "can I have some bacon please mum, I'm starving!"

Josh wolfed his sandwich down, gulped his tea and was standing there with his memory card in one hand and camera in the other jumping up and down excited to see what pictures he had captured. Once we uploaded them to the computer we looked through them talking about the pictures one by one. I asked him why he had taken some of the pictures he had captured and his reply was pretty unbelievable - "I thought it looked interesting" - this kid, my best mate is 5! 

Anyway, here's a sample of some of the pictures he took today, I promised him his own slideshow on this weeks blog post!

Josh looked through some of my pictures I took, and said that some were really interesting. So the interesting ones from today, from my camera are below. You will see some pictures with some logs, covered in fungus and moss, looking extremely cool. Theres also some nice pics of Josh too using his camera. 

Have a look through and feel free to comment too. I'd love hear from you!

Matt :)


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