What is the value to school photography?

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This week I have seen many mums and dads in the school playground, talking on Facebook and the odd tweet here and there about how the school photographer hasn't quite lived up to their expectations.

Granted, school photography must be like herding cats and getting a child to smile in their most natural way can't be easy. 

I was talking to my own mum about this during the week and she's right when she says that school photography is of a certain style, over the years we have all seen the images of ourselves pretending to write in front of a book case - giving the impression that we studied hard when we were 6 years old in the school library - which didn't actually exist!

Matt SmartYes this is me when I was a handsome young chap! What happened?

These images of our past bring happy memories for our parents, especially from a time where smart phones weren't around and capturing a funny moment wasn't easy, the only real benefit was getting a copy to Jeremy Beadle for You've Been Framed to get £250!

So what are the benefits of school photography now then if we have the smart phones and latest point and shoot camera's? 

One parent I was talking to says that she only now buys the packages to satisfy family who live miles away and even though she spends a small fortune she isn't really happy with the pictures! But the benefit is that not all parents can afford to pay a photographer for a private shoot and then fork out tonnes of cash for pictures for family in far flung places - the school photographer is free, the prints are convenient and if family want pictures they can pay for them - brilliant! Or is it?

I was looking at the prices - about £5 will get you a digital copy of the picture at low resolution for you to share on Facebook etc… but you can't print it any bigger than a keyring. So whats the point of that? I can't see that being value!

With the Home Studio's session, you get the option of having a disc for £25 which can include 50 images - that's £2 per image and you can print them ANY size you like! That's value! - Heck, the session comes with a FREE 10x8 inch print and you can have as many people in the shot as you like*, dress how you want and you can even be the director! And it only costs £69!

Seriously ask yourself the question, pay for a photo that you're not happy with or pay for a fun experience where you get better photo's and more captured memories than you can shake a stick at!? I know what my mum would have chosen!

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*A Home Studio's session is reserved for immediate family. Maximum party of 5 at my own discretion.  


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